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About Sacred Motherhood

What is Sacred Motherhood?


Faced with another pile of laundry or muddy tracks across the living room rug, it is easy to loose track of your deeper purpose. SACRED MOTHERHOOD offers women on the path of motherhood a guide back to themselves. In the throes of your everyday life, it nurtures the sacred seed within you. It serves as a bridge between the profound soul-work that mothering entails and the tedious practicalities that incessantly tug at every mother’s sleeve.


Spiritual growth while on the ground and running is a telltale mark of motherhood. Sacred Motherhood was created to help you embrace the reality that this is your spiritual life—every moment of every day, whether you are at the grocery store, changing diapers, arguing with your partner, snuggling with your baby, or dying your teenager’s hair pink. This is the practice, the SACRED MOTHERHOOD practice. Bow to it. Pray for it. Greet the moments you fall down as awakening opportunities every bit as holy and powerful as the moments you can drop in and bliss out.


Sacred Motherhood honors both the light and the shadow of motherhood. As we move through the seasons, we open our arms to hold everything under the sun because everything is sacred or nothing is sacred. Chaos is sacred. Deep breaths are sacred. Tears are sacred. Childhood is sacred. Wholeness, balance, and love—this is the way of Sacred Motherhood.


Sacred Motherhood is one of the Sister Programs to Sacred Living Movement, founded and created by Anni Daulter. 

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