Sacred Motherhood Circles

Created by and for women committed to fanning the soul spark while mothering their children and ultimately the world, Sacred Motherhood Circles offer women anywhere on the path of motherhood an invitation to dive deep and tend their inner flames. For one journey around the sun, we gather monthly to ignite and nourish both the mystical and the mundane aspects of mothering.


Each month, the circle delves into a topic that speaks to the eternal, sacred seed within all women. Together, we cultivate mindful mothering, enhance daily and yearly rhythms within the home, and nurture practices that keep mamas lit up! We awaken Shakti and encourage sisterhood. We tap our inner worlds through meditation, writing, movement, song, BEAUTY, and solo time. And, we weave our togetherness through deep sharing, collective creativity, and CELEBRATION.


month ONE sacred motherhood + the CALL

Acknowledging the CALL to the sacred path of motherhood by calling in a deeper layer of intention and creating sacred practices for mama.

Mama Project : Malas


month TWO birth

Honoring the moment we become mothers and cross the threshold into the uncharted territory of love that is heart opening, life changing and crazy making.

Mama Project : Birth Stories


month THREE sacred feminine

Tapping the infinite well of the divine feminine by awakening shakti through voice and movement, and opening to the deliciousness of loving and living.

Mama Project : Altars


month FOUR sacred relationship

Exploring the dance of relationship in a circle that expands to include our partners and holds space to deepen our connections with our BELOVEDS.

Couples Project : Lovers Mandala


month FIVE fears + freedom

Exploring what keeps us from living in our deepest truth and fullest expression as mothers, we will transform whatever is holding us back into a prayer for something greater.

Mama Project : Prayer Bundles + Puja


month SIX embodiment

Expressing what is stirring within as motherhood pulls us into the essential truth of who we are and following the thread toward being more fully alive.

Mama Project : Clay Creations


month SEVEN I AM

Standing at the edge, we step over the threshold of self-love to embrace our full beauty and unique gifts on behalf of our children and our communities. 

Mama Project : Medicine Walk


month EIGHT intuition

Cultivating our inner knowing as a source of mother’s wisdom we learn to trust our sixth sense and our own unique paths as mothers.

Mama Project : The Mother’s Wisdom Deck


month NINE light + shadow

Weaving the light and the shadow through personal stories of mothers in our lives and creating a song tapestry of “We are the mothers.”

Mama Project : Ojo de Dios


month TEN honoring

Honoring motherhood as a sacred dance of giving + receiving.

Mama Project : Mother Blessing


month ELEVEN gratitude

Bringing home the boon, we offer gratitude for the abundance and blessings in our lives.

Mama Project : Despacho


month TWELVE sisterhood

Circling one last time, we reflect on the deep experiences shared together and voice our intentions going forward.

Mama Project : Going to the Bowl