Sacred Motherhood Book Club

empowerment mini class

In the throes of motherhood, it is easy to lose track of one’s higher self and deepest purpose. Gathering with other mamas is often the perfect antidote. In our sisters’ radiance, beauty, and noble struggles, we recognize our own light and shadow. Discovering that we are not alone, we find compassion for each other and ourselves, and renew our devotion to the path and practice of motherhood.


When we wrote Sacred Motherhood, we imagined women coming together to delve into the deep soul work that mothering entails. We envisioned, journaling and tears, fist bumps and laughter, young ones and old souls. This is an invitation to learn how to create and lead a SACRED MOTHERHOOD BOOK CLUB, and help us realize our grand vision.


The SACRED MOTHERHOOD BOOK CLUB Empowerment Mini Class was designed in response to many questions and requests about starting book clubs. It addresses the basics and supports your weaving a strong mama tribe in your community. Sacred Motherhood is down-home and grassroots. There is no better way to join the Sacred Living revolution than to dig down and get messy with sisters in your tribe.


SACRED MOTHERHOOD BOOK CLUBS are gathering all around the world, offering a live or online, shared experience of Sacred Motherhood: An Inspirational Guide and Journal for Mindfully Mothering Children of All Ages by Anni Daulter and Niki Dewart (North Atlantic 2016). 


Join us in creating sisterhood, honoring mothers, and empowering women to embrace the path of sacred motherhood!




1. This Empowerment Mini Class is a detailed, self-paced manual that prepares you to create and lead a yearlong SACRED MOTHERHOOD BOOK CLUB either on Facebook or in your community. There are many formats and venues to choose from to best serve the mamas you know and love.


2. As part of the class, you will be invited to join a private Facebook support group where you can find inspiration and support, ask questions, and participate in live Facebook Q&A. 


3. Supplies: You will need to purchase Sacred MotherhoodThe Mother’s Wisdom Deck, and art supplies for the optional Mama Activities, most of which are very affordable and easily attained.


4. This mini class is only $50!


This Mini Empowerment Class = the BASICS + 4 sample BOOK CLUB gatherings, including: 

  • creating a Sacred Motherhood BOOK CLUB

  • the basics: who? where? why? what? when?

  • weaving the MAGIC

  • the practice of council + council prompts

  • the CALL of Sacred Motherhood

  • sacred salt bowl

  • ‘body as temple’ oil

  • sacred bodies: adorning + anointing

  • ‘healing heart’ tea

  • healing baskets

  • healing mantras

  • celebrating mama superpowers

  • ‘shine your light’ oil



  • Fully designed and ready-to-print marketing materials

  • Access to images and weekly title pages from Sacred Motherhood


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