Sacred Motherhood Circles

tending the soul fire


The Sacred Motherhood online training is designed for soul sisters who are called to support women in their communities on the journey of motherhood. Learn to lead Sacred Motherhood Circles, to sow inspiration and intention into the heart of motherhood. The training is divided into four parts: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Each seasonal training module comes with the Sacred Motherhood Circles ESSENTIALS HANDBOOK to support you in creating a Sacred Motherhood Circle that nurtures LOVE, TRUTH, EMPOWERMENT, and SISTERHOOD.


Sacred Motherhood Circles offer women anywhere on the path of motherhood an invitation to dive deep and tend their inner flame. For one journey around the sun, we follow the rhythm of the seasons to ignite and nourish both the mystical and the mundane aspects of mothering. Each circle gathering delves into a topic that speaks to the eternal, sacred seed within all women. Together, we cultivate mindful mothering, enhance daily and yearly rhythms within the home, and nurture Sacred Motherhood practices that keep mamas lit up! We awaken Shakti and encourage sisterhood. We tap our inner worlds through ceremony, writing, movement, song, BEAUTY, and solo time. And, we weave our togetherness through deep sharing, collective creativity, and CELEBRATION.


Sacred Motherhood Circles honor both the light and the shadow of motherhood. As we move through the seasons, we open our arms to hold everything under the sun because everything is sacred or nothing is sacred. Chaos is sacred. Deep breaths are sacred. Tears are sacred. Childhood is sacred. Wholeness, balance, and love—this is the way of Sacred Motherhood. 


SACRED MOTHERHOOD CIRCLES are gathering all around the world, offering a live, shared experience of Sacred Motherhood: An Inspirational Guide and Journal for Mindfully Mothering Children of All Ages by Anni Daulter and Niki Dewart (North Atlantic 2016). 


Join us in creating sisterhood, honoring mothers, and empowering women to embrace the path of sacred motherhood!





1.  The complete SACRED MOTHERHOOD CIRCLE training (all four seasonal lessons) prepares you to lead a YEARLONG Sacred Motherhood Circle that gathers once a month, or SEASONAL Sacred Motherhood Circles that gather once a week for 4 weeks. Either format will empower you to create a deep space for mothers in your community, and bring in some moolah for you!


2.  Make some money! You choose how much you want to charge for your SACRED MOTHERHOOD CIRCLE, although we recommend that you charge $600.00 per person for the YEARLONG circle (12 monthly gatherings, including art supplies). If you choose to offer a SEASONAL series, consider charging $150 per series, and offer a discount or special gift (a copy of Sacred Motherhood, The Mother’s Wisdom Deck, or Sacred Medicine Cabinet) for women who commit to the entire year.


3.  You are also invited to join the Sacred Motherhood Leaders Circle . When you become member, you will receive a passcode that will give you access to fully designed + printable marketing materials, photos from our epic photo library, and forms. Members also have their photos, bios, and classes featured on (Note: The Leaders Membership is $50 when purchased separately; it is FREE when you sign up for the complete A YEAR OF SACRED MOTHERHOOD training).


4.  Supplies: You will need to purchase the Sacred Motherhood, The Mother’s Wisdom Deck, and art supplies for the Mama Projects, most of which are very affordable and easily attained. You will get a full “Supply List” in the ESSENTIALS HANDBOOK.


5.  The Sacred Motherhood Circle ESSENTIALS HANDBOOK (included with all training modules) covers the following:

  • creating + leading a Sacred Motherhood Circle

  • finding your voice

  • your presence is your power

  • the practice of council

  • the magic of Sacred Motherhood


6.  Also, included in EVERY module:

  • private Facebook support group

  • audio files exploring the materials in-depth

  • a live Facebook Q&A

  • meaningful HOMEWORK assignments to support your mastery of the material: approx. 4-6 hours per module


To SIGN UP for any of the following classes, please go to the SHOP tab and proceed to purchase online:

Part 1: SPRING

Start Date: Ongoing

Tuition: $125

The SPRING class = ESSENTIALS HANDBOOK + detailed experience design for 3 SPRING gatherings, including: 

  • the CALL of Sacred Motherhood

  • Sacred Motherhood malas

  • mama mantra practices

  • writing birth stories

  • rites of passage

  • Sealing Ceremony

  • how to court your inner goddess

  • altars to the goddess within

Part 2: SUMMER

Start Date: Ongoing

Tuition: $125


The SUMMER class = ESSENTIALS HANDBOOK + detailed experience design for 3 SUMMER gatherings, including: 

  • embodiment practices for mamas

  • clay creations

  • stepping in your essential nature

  • touchstones

  • prayer bundles

  • “Letting Go” Ceremony

  • Sacred Relationship couples circle

  • lovers’ mandalas

Part 3: FALL

Start Date: Ongoing

Tuition: $125


The FALL class = ESSENTIALS HANDBOOK + detailed experience design for 3 FALL gatherings, including: 

  • I AM statements

  • gateway of forgiveness

  • Medicine Walk Ceremony

  • cultivating inner knowing

  • inside The Mother’s Wisdom Deck

  • light + shadow of motherhood

  • Ojo de Dios

  • weaving our stories

Part 4: WINTER

Start Date: Ongoing

Tuition: $125


The WINTER class = ESSENTIALS HANDBOOK + detailed experience design for 3 WINTER gatherings, including:

  • mother blessing

  • giving + receiving

  • bringing home the boon

  • gratitude

  • Despacho Ceremony

  • sisterhood

  • sacred salt bowl

  • the gift


Start Date: Ongoing

Tuition: $400


Purchase a whole year of Sacred Motherhood and get the ESSENTIALS HANDBOOK + all 4 seasonal training modules. You save $100! And, you get your  Sacred Motherhood Leaders Circle membership for FREE.