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Live Retreat Testimonials

Praise for Niki:


"I have had the honor to be held by Niki in a group of expecting mamas, as well as in sacred sisterhood. Both experiences filled my cup in delicious and life giving ways. Niki embodies the ritual and intention of what it means to become a mother. Her rooted welcome encourages women to step into the fire and embrace the warmth of sisterhood while igniting that which calls to be stoked within their hearts. Niki has a way to revive our spirits and our souls. To share sacred time with Niki is a gift!” E.W., Boulder, CO


"Niki has an incredible way of holding space in sacred circles. Her wisdom, creativity, and deep love for truth and community gives her the ability to meet whatever arises with gracious care. Her reflections and relationship with beauty reverberate through the container she creates for these gatherings. Being around her when she is doing what she loves, creates ripples of inspiration that circle out in the sea of women whose hearts she has touched.” M.M., Boulder, CO


Praise for Amanda:


"Amanda is a LOVE activist!  Wherever she is seek her out, you will love every minute of being in her company, she's dynamic, down-to-earth and a true teacher.  She has led me into a whole new relationship with my body and my life.  Can't thank her enough!"  J. K.L, The U.K.


"Thank you again for such an amazing and enlightening retreat!  As I settle back into my everyday routine I realize how powerful of an experience that was for me.  Thank you for reminding me how to be kind to myself!" C.L. Jackson, WY


"What a life changing experience!  Thank you, the retreat was amazing, people, food, yoga, dancing, I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend a week with my family!  I'm so grateful for the way you teach, always reminding us to be loving and kind and also how to keep it real and accessible.  Thank you for everything, can't wait until the next time!"  P.J. Jackson, WY

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