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What to expect

Sisterhood, yummy food, ceremony, soul-work, laughs, yoga, sacred land, LOTS of goodies, deep connection, conscious movement, inspiration, BEAUTY, tears, SONG, and self-care. Its ALL in the flow of a SACRED MOTHERHOOD RETREAT.


Day One:


1-1:30 pm: arrival


2-5 pm : sacred motherhood + the CALL

Acknowledging the CALL to the sacred path of motherhood by calling in a deeper layer of intention and creating sacred practices for mama.

Mama Project:  Malas + The Mother’s Wisdom Deck


5:30-7 pm : dinner


7-9 pm: birth

Honoring the moment we become mothers and cross the threshold into the uncharted territory of love that is heart opening, life changing and crazy making.

Mama Project: Birth Stories


Day Two:


7-8:30 am : breakfast


9 am-noon : sacred feminine

Tapping the infinite well of the divine feminine by awakening shakti through voice and movement, and opening to the deliciousness of loving and living.

Mama Project: Altars


Noon-1 pm : lunch


1-2 pm : siesta


2-5 pm : light + shadow

Weaving the light and the shadow through personal stories of mothers in our lives and creating a song tapestry of “We are the mothers.”

Mama Project: Ojo de Dios


5:30-7 pm : dinner


7-9 pm :  fears + freedom

Exploring what keeps us from living in our deepest truth and fullest expression as mothers, we will transform whatever is holding us back into a prayer for something greater. 

Mama Project: Prayer Bundles + Puja


Day Three:


7-8:30 am : breakfast


9- noon : embodiment

Expressing what is stirring within as motherhood pulls us into the essential truth of who we are and following the thread toward being more fully alive.

Mama Project: Clay Creations


Noon-1 pm : lunch


1-3 pm : I AM

Standing at the edge, we step over the threshold of self-love to embrace our full beauty and unique gifts on behalf of our children and our communities. 

Mama Project: Medicine Walk


3-5 pm : honoring

Honoring motherhood as a sacred dance of giving + receiving.

Mama Project: Mother Blessing


5:30-7 pm : dinner


7-9 pm : girltime


Day Four:


6-7 am : gratitude

Bringing home the boon, we gather at sunrise to offer gratitude for the abundance and blessings in our lives.

Mama Project: Despacho


7-8:30 am : breakfast


9-11 am : sisterhood

Circling one last time, we reflect on the deep experiences shared together and voice our intentions going forward.

Mama Project: Going to the Bowl


11:30am-noon : farewell


Training (optional)


Noon-1 pm: lunch


1-4 pm : leading Sacred Motherhood Circles

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